Remove all the fat from your stove in just 5 minutes with this homemade cleaner

Cleaning the kitchen is a chore. It takes a lot of time and the chemicals that are used are quite harmful to our skin and lungs.

Cleaning the stove of all the grease and dirt that comes off after cooking our favorite foods is one of the most laborious modern tasks.

Whether it's because the chemicals are harmful to us, and we end up with irritated hands and an allergy attack, or because the dirt is too stuck, we sometimes avoid this task.

Trick: Remove all the fat from your stove with this homemade cleaner

But there is a natural solution available to everyone. It is an almost miraculous product that we have in our cupboard: baking soda.

To prepare this super homemade cleaner you will need:

Remove the fat then it will become easier. Start by rubbing firmly with a scrubbing sponge, if you notice that it won't budge, try helping yourself with a metal sponge.

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