Richard Fisher: Know his story after being inoculated with Oxford vaccine medical trials

Richard Fisher: Know his story after being inoculated with Oxford vaccine medical trials

The volunteer tells in detail how he came to participate in one of the most representative tests for humanity.

The results for the vaccine developed at the University of Oxford in England are "promising" according to scholars who work daily to find ways to prevent the pandemic from continuing to infect millions of people around the world.

The study will be in 10 thousand people to check the effectiveness of the vaccine

Richard Fisher, a volunteer who one morning saw on social media the testimony of a philosopher from the prestigious London university, who had volunteered. Immediately and while his wife slept next to him, he filled out the form for the volunteerism that will change the destiny of humanity.

Fisher explains that on the day he was called to take a blood sample and place the vaccine, he went to St. George's Hospital, where he was last when his daughter was born.

“The last time I was at St George's Hospital in South London, it was for the birth of my daughter. Now it feels very different. I can smell the bleach used to clean the floors through my mask and the seat next to me is covered with tape to maintain physical distance ”

Sitting while waiting, he explains that a couple of workers passed him with a sign in their hands that stated: "Vaccine trial". He knew immediately that he should go with them and followed them, keeping the rigorous 2 meters away from them.

The follow-up of the inoculation, which Fisher does not know if it was with the Covid-19 vaccine or with the MenACWY vaccine, will be for 4 long months, and he will have to send swabs with samples of his tonsils and nasal cavity so that specialists apply tests to find out if you have been infected. In addition, you must fill out a form with essential information to know daily routines and establish possible places of infection.

"I will repeat this weekly routine for at least four months. And they will take blood samples from me in the hospital until the end of next year”,said the volunteer.

The Englishman said that he feels a great pleasure to participate in this important test that, if positive, will have hopeful effects for humanity.

"I am pleased to have the opportunity to play a very small role, along with 10,000 other volunteers, in a trial that has the world on edge"

With information from the BBC.

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