Ricky Martin appeared on the networks with his new and atypical tattoo

The famous singer showed a somewhat strange tattoo without explaining much about it.

Ricky Martin creates expectations and starts a kind of controversy on his Instagram account by showing a new tattoo located on his right foot.

Ricky Martin 

The 48-year-old singer posted a photo of his foot with four vertical stripes and nothing else. The comments that people have left in the publication are divided, some place hearts and others express their dislike and even hope that it is not a permanent tattoo.

In the post, Martin does not explain if it is permanent or removable, he just comments: “tat · too \ ta-ˈtü \”.

Likewise, the publication has about 85 thousand “likes” even when it is not known whether this tattoo is only the product of desire or is related to a musical or visual project.

The fact is that the singer remains active on his social networks, in which he recently published a photograph with his whole family and in which he had publications that stood out for “Pride Month”.