Ricky Martin flirts with a Mexican actor on social networks

Ricky Martin has always been very relevant in Latin American music, and despite his years and having a husband, he has been involved in a flirtation with a Mexican actor on social networks.

Who has been involved is the actor Mauricio Martínez, who had a brief but strong exchange of comments, when Ricky jokingly said "Hey, say hello that we don't sleep together", to which the actor replied "Because you don't want to … ”

Ricky Martin and Mauricio Martínez

It was the same Mauricio who made this conversation public on the networks and added: "Somebody had to say it". This caused many artists to praise him for being able to open up about his interest in Ricky.

But let's remember that Ricky is married, although he confessed on the internet program El break de las 7, that he went through very difficult moments with his partner, because he did not want even Jwan to approach the baby when she was born.

Mauricio Martínez

The singer added:

"Don't let anyone touch her for months. I had a problem with my husband because he would say to me: 'Let me change it' and I would say no, I am going to change it. It is very different, two dads with two boys ”

And he concluded by saying that this overprotective stage with Lucia had ended:

"I have the mother figures, they are here (while pointing to himself), my mother is here, my sister, my friends. I have someone who helps me raise my children who is Rosanel and now Monica, who are wonderful women who are giving my children super solid information, I am very lucky ”