Ricky Martín introduces his fourth son, he looks a lot like him

The Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martín showed, for the first time, the angelic face of his little baby, leaving his followers surprised by the great similarity that he has with him.


Ricky Martín took advantage of social confinement to share a tender photograph of his fourth son, Renn Martín Yosef, just six months old through his Instagram account

Ricky Martín

Renn, whose name means reborn or a prosperous child, appears in a black and white image wearing a striped shirt, making a gesture that impressed many because of the great resemblance he has to his father.

Renn Martín Yosef

In the images, the leg and arm of one of his parents can be seen accompanied by an emotional message that says: “Here is my Puerto Rican Arab Renn Martín Yosef. The baby of the house. Baby Renn, Baby boy. "

The little baby would become part of the family made up of 11-year-old Matteo and Valentino twins and little Lucia.

Ricky and Jwan Yosef

Ricky and his current partner, designer Jwan Yosef, retain the identity of the biological mother of the four children, although everything indicates that the Venezuelan model Eglantina Zingg is the mother of the children of the king of Latin music.


She is very close to the family and has repeatedly published photographs of the little ones in her personal account, which is why all kinds of thoughts are suggested. 

 "He is beautiful", "God bless him, he is a cute baby", were some of the messages read on the artist's website, after learning the identity of the youngest of the Martín Yosef family.

Renn Martín Yosef

Images that almost made all social networks collapse with thousands of "likes" and tender pampering, flattering how beautiful and sweet the little one looks.  


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