Ricky Martin promotes his new  album with shocking photo

Singer Ricky Martin does not stop working, even though he is resting at home with his family. A few days ago, he released 'Pausa Play' with other colleagues. The new photos he posts continue to excite his fans. Look how good it looks.

Enrique Martín Morales, popularly known as Ricky Martin, is 48 years old, but there is no doubt that his training and his youthful personality mean that he does not age and his characteristic beauty remains intact.

The promotion of his new music album 'Pausa Play', has collaborations with musicians such as Sting, Bad Bunny, Residente, Pedro Capó, Carla Morrisón and Diego el Cigala, and already has millions of likes on social networks.

This is the last photo that Puerto Rican Ricky Martin published on his official Instagram account: serious, but determined; mature, but with tremendous tattoos. For this and many other reasons, her husband Jwan Josef is so in love with him.

His album “Pausa Play” contains six songs: 'Simple', 'Recuerdo', 'Cae de una', 'Quiéreme', 'Tiburones' and 'Cántalo'. "What you will find in this EP is transparency, purity, romanticism, melancholy and a lot of life," said the artist.

We see a completely different Ricky Martin than the one we were used to. He found inspiration in his emotions and in the experiences lived in the last months. Thus, he shows his most vulnerable and introspective side and without being classified in any musical genre. His goal is to make people aware of the importance of love as the greatest human wealth.

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