Ricky Martin's song "María" is already 25 years old and is still accompanied by the shadow of addiction

In August, one of the most famous songs of the Puerto Rican singer reached the age of 25 and, without a doubt, has never stopped playing.

Ricky Martin has been making music for decades and his first great success, which still plays at his concerts today is the song “María”.

Detractors of the Puerto Rican singer  assure that the lyrics of the song don't speak of women.

However, even today this song continues with the shadow of the controversy due to its chorus.

"This is Maria / White as the day / But it is poison if you want to fall in love / This is Maria / So hot and cold / That if you drink it it will surely kill you"

Thanks to this lyrics, the song and the singer were related to the consumption of prohibited substances, allegations that bothered Martin.

On a tour of concerts in Venezuela, in one of the press conferences they alluded to this conflict and the Puerto Rican's response was blunt:

"I will never exalt drugs. María is a song that talks about Latina women and how addictive they can be ”

Whether or not she makes reference to this delicate subject, it is true that with this song people around the world continue dancing and singing it at the top of their lungs.

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