Rock legend Ozzy Osbourne improves as the days go by, keeping social distance

Osbourne is still suffering the consequences of the fall of the ATV in 2003, and in addition to this he has been diagnosed with Parkinson's, a disease that would be treated in Switzerland at the beginning of the year.

Ozzy Osbourne, the metal legend and former vocalist of the band Black Sabbath, recovers his health little by little, while measures to prevent a further expansion of the global health crisis pushed him to stay at home, a fact that the legend confessed it had never happened.

Osbourne is enjoying the longest vacation of his entire career.

"Actually, it has been good because I have been recovering from the surgery I had last year. I have never been home that long in my entire career".

In 2003, Osbourne had an accident when he fell from a moving ATV he was driving on a small vacation. This injury then led him to be away from the cameras that were kept at home thanks to the series broadcast by MTV, "The Osbourne".

This reality followed the lives of family members, giving fans an intimate look at their lifestyle and the personal relationships between each member of the Osbourne clan.

Regarding his health, the Headbanger assured during a phone call with "The Talk Show" that it has improved. "I am improving, it is a slow process, I am slow but sure".

The 71-year-old singer had to postpone musical commitments motivated not only to his personal health, but also to the global health crisis, and he hopes that both situations improve to be able to start again with good rock.

The tour is estimated to start on October 23 at the "Utilita Arena" in England with a series of concerts dedicated to celebrating their latest studio album titled "Ordinay Man".

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