Sandra Bullock: Know her exercises to keep her arms strong at 55

Sandra Bullock is an actress very loved by all, because her charisma and presence is unique. However, no one would believe how old she is, as she is very well preserved at 55, which is why she remains one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood.

How do you manage to keep your body in perfect condition? Sandra achieves this by doing a pilates routine, weight lifting, running, cycling and kick boxing, that variety makes her not bored and constant.

Sandra Bullock

For several years, she has been training with the trainer and fitness expert, Simone De La Rue, with the Body By Simone method in which she trains every day, in one-hour sessions. But every certain period there is a break.

Her work with Simone consists of dance cardio, yoga, and pilates. It also includes resistance bands, as this allows muscles to tone up with minimal equipment.

"One-armed Superwoman press" is the name given to the exercise that strengthens the upper body and for which it only takes firm ground to perform it five times a week. To do this, we must place ourselves on a plank and keep the abdomen and lower back in tension and the body aligned from head to toe.

Sandra Bullock

When you are in this position, raise your right arm and left leg at the level of your head and hip. You will hold the pose for 3 seconds. Then you return to the starting plank pose and do a classic pushup. Finally, repeat the entire process, but with the left arm and leg until completing two sets of ten repetitions. Thus, you will achieve arms like those of the beautiful Sandra Bullock.