Save money: Make your own homemade aloe vera moisturizer in minutes

Get to know its moisturizing, astringent and antibacterial characteristics, enjoy all the benefits of aloe vera with this homemade cream.

It is difficult to find a person who has not used aloe vera to treat any physical condition or ailment. The benefits of this medicinal plant are many and its therapeutic applications are even greater. For this reason it is widely present in medicinal and cosmetic products.

Aloe vera is an excellent healing agent, cellular regenerator and an anti-aging agent. Due to its ability to penetrate the dermis, epidermis and hypodermis, it can regulate the pH of the skin. So take advantage of its properties and prepare your own homemade moisturizer.

What do you need?

 Make your own homemade aloe vera moisturizer in minutes

How do you prepare?

Start by removing the lateral spines from the leaf and then soak it for 24 hours to remove the aloin. After the time, remove the sheet from the water and open it by the edges. Once opened use a spoon to extract all the gel.

Pour the gel in the blender along with the cucumber and vitamins E and mix everything until you get a smooth paste without lumps. Reserve in a sterile container with an airtight lid and apply your aloe vera moisturizer when you want to enjoy all its benefits.