Say goodbye to acne: Make your own honey cucumber soap

Honey and cucumber have very healthy and beneficial components for our skin. That is why we advise you to use this soap that we will present below! Your skin will feel different from the first use.

Acne is a terrible discomfort caused by an infection in our pores, and although there are many treatments to combat it, there is nothing like natural methods. In addition to providing great nutrients to your skin, it will not cause any type of adverse reaction.

Say goodbye to acne: Make your own honey cucumber soap

Ingredients and materials:

Before starting the preparation of this magical anti-acne soap, you need to have the following ingredients and materials: commercial soap or glycerin, ½ cucumber, honey and olive oil. Now let's get started with creating this soap.

How to make it:

1.- Start by completely peeling the cucumber, then you must cut it into small pieces so that you can take it to the blender without using any water, once you finish blending it, proceed to pour it into a small bowl.

2.- The next step is to grate the soaps, by the way you are free to choose between a commercial or glycerin. When you're done, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and microwave or bain-marie so that it melts completely.

Say goodbye to acne: Make your own honey cucumber soap

3.- Once you take it out of the water bath or microwave, you should quickly add two more tablespoons of olive oil along with 1 tablespoon of honey and finally 3 large tablespoons of cucumber, then mix very well. Note: This step must be done super fast since the mixture hardens very quickly.

4.- For the ingredients to integrate well, you can liquefy them with a hand blender, and if you do not have anything, do it with a plastic spatula. Finally add the mixture to your molds, then wait about 2 hours for them to finish hardening.