Say goodbye to the carrot: See how to improve your eyesight in only 15 days

The benefits of aloe vera for the eyes is something that few people know in depth. Believe it or not, aloe vera gel can help prevent eye illnesses.

Aloe vera is an incredible plant widely used in beauty treatments, but even today few people know its incredible benefits when applied to the eyes. Read on to learn more about it.

Aloe vera

Before using it, we must thoroughly wash the aloe leaf and all the elements that will come in contact with the eye. These should be well cleaned or sterilized, as appropriate.

How to use aloe vera:

· Apply the aloe leaf directly to the closed eyelids. The part of the gel should be the one that is in contact with the skin of the eye. It can be left there for a few minutes up to 1 hour.

· You can pass the aloe leaf over the closed eyelids every few minutes, and as the gel dries we apply again. We continue like this for a few minutes.

· Use the gel directly on the closed eyelids as an eye drop, it can even be mixed with a little infusion of plants such as: chamomile or eyebright. It is not necessary to open the eyes because the gel is already filtered through the corner of the eyes.

· We can beat the gel with chamomile to make it easier to apply. Once prepared, you should keep in the fridge and use throughout the day as an eye drop.

Aloe vera

·         You should put the aloe gel on a gauze slightly moistened in water or infusion of plants, and then spread it on the closed eyelids.

This gel is a miraculous natural solution to take care of our eyes. Once tested, there is a good chance that it will become our preferred remedy thanks to its exceptional characteristics.

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