Scandal: Are Michael Jackson and Naomi Cambell on Anonymous' list of child molesters?

The hacker network "Anonymous" has published a document allegedly taken from the cell phone of the late Jeffrey Epstein, linked to an international child abuse network, which includes the names of Michael Jackson and Naomi Cambell.

In the middle of the largest protests against racist violence in the United States, the hacker network "Anonymous" has released a document with a list of names including stars such as the late Michael Jackson and international top model Naomi Campbell, who would be allegedly clients of the late billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, implicated in a pedophilia scandal.

Michael Jackson  in Anonymous list

Since the list came out a few hours ago, some social network users have published different versions of the list, in which actor Chris Evans has even been linked, but this has been denied by many media after verifying the original filtered list.

Everything seems very confusing. Many names circulate on social networks, but the truth is that this revelation comes at a time when the strongest anti-racist protests are taking place in the US.

Most of the social media have summarized and considered the following names to be true, based on the actual document leaked by Anonymous:

Rumors about Michael Jackson's particular tastes led him to face a trial, from which he went unpunished after reaching an agreement with several of the minors implicated in the alleged abuses and their families. 

Kevin Spacey was also involved in a scandal about three years ago, after receiving, in October 2017, accusations of alleged abuse and harassment, by an actor named Anthony Rapp, who assured that in 1986, when he was 14 years old, Spacey it bothered him inappropriately.

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