Scandal: Greeicy Rendón is presented naked wearing only 2 stars on her torso

The charming Greeicy Rendón has caught the attention of her entire audience, after appearing at a concert in a rather scandalous outfit, which left little to the imagination. Watch the video here.

Greeicy Yeliana Rendón Ceballos, better known as Greeicy Rendón was born in Cali, a city located in the beautiful country of Colombia, where she began her incredible artistic career which she has managed to handle very well until now.

Since 2007 the charming singer and actress has been very active in the world of art and entertainment, working on numerous novels and television series Greeicy Rendón has earned the respect of her colleagues and her millions of fans.

Rendón is happily living with the love of her life Mike Bahia, who on more than one occasion has released her respective "compliments" in more than one video published by her.

One occasion, where Mike Bahia could contemplate the beauty of his beloved partner was at a concert offered by the charming singer, where he had the great audacity to appear with just a couple of stars covering only her breasts.

In the video we can see the movements of Greeicy Rendón which, like her clothes, are quite daring, but she loves it, and that is what most excites her audience.

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