Scandal: Miley Cyrus spends a great fortune on this new addiction

Everything that the controversial actress and singer spends in one of her most scandalous addictions has been leaked. Undoubtedly, celebrities have no limits when it comes to satisfying their desires.

Miley Cyrus is a singer, actress, songwriter and model of American origin, who has made news on more than one occasion due to her striking and scandalous personality.

Since she began her “chaotic” lifestyle, Miley Cyrus has been in charge of showing that she does not care about any type of comment that may arise from her, since they sometimes give her that fame that she loves so much.

On the other hand, let's remember that the famous decided to separate herself completely from Liam Hemsworth in a rather embarrassing way, where everyone witnessed that she no longer loved him.

And she made it clearer, after confirming that weeks later she was in a relationship with a new boy. From one day to the next,  Liam Hemsworth became “nobody” for the famous singer.

But this was not all. Not long ago, the famous woman confessed information that left millions of people speechless, not only because of what she expressed but also because of the amount of money involved in her confession.

As we well know, Miley Cyrus has several addictions that help her in some way to have that striking personality, and to all this has been added one more, which seems to be the most expensive of all.

Thanks to Miley Cyrus' posts on her official Instagram profile, we can see that the famous one owns a large number of super expensive brand guitars, which are valued in thousands of dollars.

So far, the famous singer has more than 37 copies. We can see it in a photograph that the famous woman published showing herself lying on all her expensive guitars.