Scientists developed a novel treatment that eliminates gray hair forever

Those invasive white hairs that gradually start to appear in the hair are counted down. Here, we will tell you about a novel method that attacks the root of the problem and reverses its effects.

Science is responsible for the great advances that humanity has witnessed, and this time history repeats itself. A recent study published in The FASEB Journal explains how and why this treatment works.

To understand the solution of gray hair, you must understand why they originate. According to a study by European scientists, they are the consequence of an intense oxidative stress process. That is, a massive accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles of the hair.

Novel treatment

In short, the accumulation of this substance causes the hair strands to obtain their white tone from the inside out. Now, the good news is that the specialists in charge of the study point out that this process can be "cured or repaired."

"The cure" is based on  the application and activation of modified pseudocatalase, PC-KUS. This is implemented using ultraviolet light to generate a gray hair repigmentation process.

Novel treatment against Gray hair

For the first time in the modern history of humanity, an effective treatment has been developed to stop and repair the natural processes produced mostly by food and the daily stress caused by gray hair.

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