Sebastián Yatra and his true love, Mau Montaner

Despite the controversy, Sebastián Yatra seems to be in love with someone else and it is not exactly his ex-girlfriend Tini Stoessel or the supposed "third in disagreement" Danna Paola. His friend and colleague Mau Montaner wins the award.

The last weeks were not easy for the singer Sebastián Yatra: he separated from his girlfriend, the Argentine Tini Stoessel, and was romantically linked to his colleague Danna Paola.

Luckily, these last days he released his new success with the protagonist of Elite and that raised his spirits. The single is titled "No bailes sola" and has a video clip "from another dimension" that steals all the attention on digital platforms, such as YouTube or Spotify.

Cover of "No bailes sola", by Danna Paola and Sebastián Yatra.

However, there is more good news in Yatra's life and we are not talking about concerts or possible reconciliation with Tini. Apparently, according to rumors that run in the Colombian's fandom accounts, the artist would have found love and not in a woman.

Sebastián Yatra and one of Ricardo Montaner's children, Mau Montaner. They are friends from the Mau and Ricky duo, and have shared great moments together. In these weeks, from his Instagram profile, Mau has mocked the Colombian singer with great affection. Apparently, those who fight love each other.

Sebastián Yatra and his true love: it is not Tini, nor Danna Paola, it is Mau Montaner

The followers of both singers affirm that he is "the couple of the year". After all, the Colombian singer doesn't call everyone beautiful....