Sebastián Yatra is injected and ends up doing this

Once again the video of Sebastián Yatra where he appears being treated by a paramedic, who had injected him for necessary reasons, goes viral again. If you haven't seen it yet, here is the video

The famous and highly recognized artist Sebastián Yatra was born in October 1994, in a beautiful city called Medellín, located in Colombia.

But it has been since 2013 that the famous singer decided to begin to publicize his great talent, thus participating in numerous events that gradually gave him the fame he currently has.

Songs like: "He no longer has a boyfriend", "There is no one else", "Give me back my heart", "Someone stole", "Missing love" and "Under the table", are some of the great musical themes that have placed him in the first places of the main streaming platforms.

But definitely "any action in excess is detrimental", and for that reason the famous one had to be treated by a paramedic, since his state of health was not very good and therefore he had to maintain certain weeks of rest.

It is worth noting that this video has been circulating on different social networks for a long time, and it has been its millions of fans who have made it go viral again. Which means that Yatra is currently in perfect health.