Sebastián Yatra was compared to Ricky Montaner and reacted very badly

Although it seemed a nice friendship beyond the professional, in the last hours the singer Sebastián Yatra showed that he was jealous of his colleague Ricky Montaner. A friend made him react very badly when comparing both artists. Watch Yatra's answer on video.

Sebastián Yatra enjoys being single, far from Argentina's Tini Stoessel. He is more attached to his music, and shows himself on social networks very happy, making Tik Tok videos and playing ball with friends and family.

Although in recent weeks his break with the singer was marked by controversy, Yatra seems to turn a deaf ear. After both communicated on their Twitter accounts that love was no longer between the two, the Mexican actress Danna Paola was involved as "the third in discord", although he denied everything.

Sebastián Yatra separated from Tini and was linked with Danna Paola

However, a recent post by the Colombian on his official Instagram account seems to demonstrate what he truly feels and thinks. A near friend compared him to artist Ricky Montaner: "Ricky Montaner is cuter than you."

Unfortunately, Yatra's reaction was not as expected and he was outraged about it. Check it out in this video.

In the best Dragon Ball Z style, Sebastián Yatra imitated the famous Kame Hame Ha against his partner and wrote in the post: "I'M SUCKED FROM THIS SHEATH BY @rickymontaner", with many emojis with angry faces, but clarifying that fans should see them until the end.

Ricardo Montaner's son was quick to reply and blamed his parents for creating him that way. The followers of both artists were not far behind and filled the post with likes, over a million views and almost 3 thousand comments.