Secrets about eyebrow care that your stylist does not tell you

Estheticians do not usually share all the secrets for the best care of certain areas of the face. That is why many times you tend to make mistakes that cost you dearly.

The perfect eyebrows are the dream of every woman, since if you manage to get the ideal shape you can give more life to your face and you will look fresh. However, poor care can bring catastrophic results for your appearance.

 How to take good care of your eyebrows? 

Secrets about caring for your eyebrows that your stylist does not tell you

The most appropriate way:

A serious and professional beautician will always recommend the correct shape for your face. As much as you tell him that you would like a specific one, if it does not go with your face he will tell you. You should always pay special attention to the products and materials that the person with whom you pluck your eyebrows will use.

Be very careful if you disinfect the implements to be used and that you clean your face area well. Tweezers and brushes should remain in a disinfecting solution after using it with each client.

Secrets about caring for your eyebrows that your stylist does not tell you

Tattoos or microblading:

It is an eyebrow filling procedure, with ink (tattoo) where you are drawing the missing hairs. It can look great, however it has the downside of not knowing how your skin can react to ink pigments.

It can be turned green and you only have to use the laser to erase it. So, for the sake of your eyebrows, don't get them tattooed.

The dyes:

You must be very careful with the dyes that are applied to tint your eyebrows. The dyes that are usually used for this are not specialized for this area. Do not hesitate to ask that they apply to you, your health is at risk.

These products can cause allergies, so be careful when dyeing. It is important to keep in mind that for the color of the eyebrows you should wear a darker shade than that of your hair if you are blonde, and a lighter shade if you have dark hair.

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