See how Ricky Martín and her husband celebrated 'Pride Day'

On June 28, the international LGBT pride day was celebrated. This year in a very particular way.

Many artists showed all the support they give to the LGBT community in the world throughout this date. Various celebrities demonstrated their love for networks, making it clear that loving is the only thing that really matters, empathy and respect must be part of us human beings.

One of the most outstanding artists was Ricky Martin, a Puerto Rican singer who in 2010 made his homosexuality known through his Twitter account, and married in 2017 with Jwan Yosef, a plastic artist of Syrian origin.

Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef

Given the current world health situation, the traditional parade could not be held this year. However, Ricky did not want this day to go unnoticed and celebrated ��Pride Day’ with a snapshot where she appears with her husband very loving.

You can see how the artists kiss each other full of love. Also, there is a very particular detail in the photo, the multi-award-winning singer and his husband are wearing their protective masks, referring to the current situation.

The interpreter of ‘Live the crazy life’ has 14.5 million followers on Instagram who have been in charge of making this virtual snapshot go viral in a few minutes. The image managed to reach 638,721 likes.

Days before, the Puerto Rican star had taken the opportunity to highlight how important acceptance and respect is for him to all human beings.

I will always thank those who led the way so that today we can take steps with fewer stumbles. Important steps have been taken, but note that these do not rest. They are still looking for ways to take away rights we have already earned ”.