See how to remove lint from clothing in a few minutes

A simple tip will allow you to remove in a few minutes those little fluffes that form on the surface of your clothes

Surely on more than one occasion you have had to deal with those fluff that take over your clothing. Its presence is more common in synthetic fabrics although they can appear in cotton garments.

The friction and constant washing cause the detachment of fibers that are subject to the fabric, forming these small fluffs that over time can multiply, reaching a large part of the surface of the garments.

There are various methods to prevent its appearance. The most popular is to classify the garments according to their fabric to prevent them from mixing during washing. The second is to wash the clothes inside a bag or pillowcase and the third is to wash the pieces inside out.

Use a green fiber sponge to remove lint

If none of the previous options worked, a very practical tip to remove the lint that appears in the clothing is to run a green fiber sponge, the kind you use in the kitchen, on the surface of the garment. Do it carefully for several minutes and you will see how they come off without damaging the fabric.

In case you don't have fiber sponges, you can use a pumice stone. It must be very clean and moistened when rubbing it gently on the surface of the garment. The result will surprise you.