See how to remove pimples in the armpits without pain or surgery See how to remove pimples in the armpits without pain or surgery

See how to remove pimples in the armpits without pain or surgery

There is definitely nothing so horrible that having that infectious lump that makes us look unsightly. In this post, we will tell you how to remove pimples in the armpits without pain, not surgery.

One of the reasons that these bumps usually appear in the armpits is due to the way of shaving or buried hair. How does it happen? While you shave, the tip of the hair sinks into the skin causing those strong ailments. So, to maintain good hygiene you need to know how to remove pimples from the armpits.

Homemade tips to help you get rid of underarm pimples

Shave correctly

If you want to prevent those sore pimples from growing out of your armpits, you have to shave your armpits in the direction of hair growth. Before shaving, grease with an isopo or cotton in the armpit area, warm water and salt and let it rest for 10 minutes, this will help to make the hair on the armpits softer.

To avoid irritation of the skin during shaving, apply a thick layer of shaving cream on the shaved part so that your skin will not suffer from any infection.

Tips for dreamy armpits

Clean your armpits

It is very important that you clean your armpits daily before going to bed, thus preventing bacterial growth and allowing the skin to breathe. How to do it? It is very simple. You just need to clean with warm salty water and then apply calamine lotion on the pimples. This will help decrease the appearance of pimples, improving skin health and relieving pimples.

Natural deodorant: They should not be missing

One way to remove underarm pimples is to use natural underarm deodorant, coconut oil is the most recommended in these cases. How to prepare coconut oil? Apply and massage gently, leaving to act for 5 or 10 minutes. Then wash with warm soapy water. Apart from helping to eliminate the odor, it serves to moisturize the skin of the armpits.

Tips for dreamy armpits


Nothing better than putting on a piece of ice if your underarm pimples are causing irritation. You just have to wrap in a piece of cloth, a piece of ice cube placed on the affected part and massage on the pimples.

Aloe vera

Without a doubt, aloe vera gel would be another excellent remedy for removing pimples in the armpits. If you have pimples in your armpits and your skin begins to swell and become irritated, do not even think about shaving or waxing, remember that if you do, you could infect the skin more.

Apply aloe vera gel to the part of the pimples that contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe inflamed skin and eliminate blackheads.

Tips for dreamy armpits


Honey is an excellent remedy to combat pimples in the armpits, as it has antibacterial properties. Gently apply this mixture to the pimples, leaving on the skin until dry. Wash the affected part with warm water and voila, the pimples will disappear like magic.

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