See the best way to drink water that will bring you enormous benefits

It is important to incorporate correct hydration habits into our daily lives and avoid sodas and other sugary liquids

Drinking water daily is absolutely essential to allow the proper functioning of our body and maintain health.

It is important to incorporate correct hydration habits into our daily lives. For reasons of work, short time, climate, availability and stress, this vital norm is relegated or alternative insane modes of hydration are preferred, such as soft drinks and other sugary liquids.

The most beneficial way for us to drink water is to consume it on an empty stomach, as this has a series of benefits. Starting the day with proper hydration relaxes our digestive system and activates the brain.

Water facilitates detoxification of the intestine

Another benefit is the decrease in calorie ingestion since drinking water on an empty stomach produces an effect of satiety and you eat fewer portions of food. It also reduces heartburn, reflux, gastritis, and colitis.

If we drink a glass of water on an empty stomach daily, detoxification of the intestine is facilitated, improving the absorption of nutrients and optimizing the immune system. It also stimulates kidney function with increased urine production that facilitates cleaning of the kidneys and avoiding the formation of stones.

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