Natti Natasha's true love

Natti Natasha is one of the most influential artists in Latin America and a few years ago she was also in the United States, when she herself confesses that she began to see the true fruits of her work. But who captivated your heart?

The winner of many awards has dominated and taken over the entertainment world. But not everything is work, because there is someone who definitely owns Natti's heart.

Natti Natasha

Not much is known about the Dominican's love life, because she is very careful with these things. However, recently a photo was leaked where she was seen wearing a wedding dress with her husband, but there is someone she will never be able to replace.

For years, the singer shows her father with great pride, demonstrating that both have a very good relationship, because thanks to her parents, she discovered her talent for music.

 Natti Natasha

The message he left in the post was: “I'm still your little girl! It makes me feel peaceful and protected. The hardest working man in the world! Happy Father's Day pa!

The image already has more than half a million likes and multiple comments on the beautiful relationship between the two, the ones that stand out the most are: "I love this photo", "What a beautiful moment with your daddy Natti blessings", "Congratulations to the gift" , "Many blessings for you" and "In the simplicity of the moment there is fortune in him".