Shakira is offended in a trap song for her nationality

Rappers of German and Lebanese origin will have no desire to use the image of an artist again to promote their songs.

In a world where everything is known through the internet and by the thousands of users spreading information through social networks, the case of mockery, if it can be called that, suffered the Colombian star Shakira in a song and it did not take long to cause controversy.

They are the artists of the genre trap, Samra & Kalazh44, from Lebanon and Germany each, in a single that has the name ‘Shakira’. Something very daring that has very serious criminal penalties and that is what the artists who did not delay in asking for "apologies" know.

After this chorus “Three kilos of snow in a white Mercedes. Write a sentence before it is too late. La Martina silk shirt distributor. Draw Colombian Coca Cola like Shakira ”, the reproach of the fans is justified. In a letter that also mentions Pablo Escobar "the boss" of drug trafficking.

“Shakira, in case you see this, I want you to know that we admire you very much. We really like your music and we don't want problems. Oh, and Piqué, you play very well, ”said the German Kalash 44 on Instagram. According to the show "Drop the Soup", the singer would be taking legal action.

The improper use of the image and name Shakira, cover included! it is something that could cause serious inconvenience and this is what many followers said: "Shak, you can use the law to protect your name and not stain your seal".

Precisely on the cover of the single there is a snapshot manipulated with Photoshop, where she appears with a rolled-up bill in her hand, in clear reference to Shakira's consumption of white “lines”. This fact has generated outrage from millions of followers of the singer.

Some reactions were more aggressive than others "I hope Shak and his entire team give you a lesson in how far freedom of expression goes", "I just want Shakira's lawyers to take you down the path of walking", "if you wanted fame there goes your demand ”commented vehemently on Instagram.