Shakira's return: Watch the concert she gave in Barcelona

Shakira has reappeared on stage to support a noble cause of the NGO Global Citizen. Watch the video here.

Since her stellar participation in Super Bowl 2020 alongside the also famous Jennifer Lopez "JLo", we have not seen Shakira on stage again, until now.

Shakira's return

To support a noble cause of the "ONG Global Citizen", Shakira has gone to a rooftop in the city of Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain, where she has chosen one of the first songs she composed for her current husband Ferard Piqué.

"The Sun Rises" was the song Shakira chose to sing as the song she would sing in this concert called "Global Goal: Unite for Our Future", which took place on June 27.

The singer looks spectacular in her forties. Her rock outfit complements Shakira's natural beauty: A worn and torn jean, and underneath a large hollow pantyhose, white booty boots, a metallic belt and a simple top with animal motifs, in addition to her traditional loose hair in the wind. . It will blow your mind.