Shawn Mendes causes anger and laughter in the networks with his failed attempt to speak Spanish

Shawn became known and gained followers thanks to the Vine short video platform. Since then, he has catapulted himself as one of the best voices that draws millions of fans.

The young Shawn Mendes, is recognized from an early age and has 3 studio albums. The last of them titled with his stage name, obtained global recognition and was placed at the top of the musical ranking of nations such as Spain and Mexico after receiving countless accolades and increasing his arsenal of Hispanic fans.

This album captivated the ears of his current partner, the singer of Cuban origin Camila Cabello, with whom he recorded a deluxe single 'Señorita' of world fame, and who now accompanies him to sing live and demonstrate that for love you can learn up to a language.

Shawn Mendes 

The Canadian is very active on Twitter and just as he learned to play guitar on YouTube. It seems that more and more he is encouraged to learn Spanish on his own and surely with the help of the beautiful girlfriend.

It all started in 2018 with a tweet written in Spanish "I'm Growing Up My Beard" the way he wrote it gave the impression that the interpreter used a translator no matter! By then he already had the won heart of the Cuban-American singer-songwriter.

Thanks to a fandom of Mendes on Twitter we were able to observe the audacity of the singer who last year during his third world tour was already encouraged to speak in Spanish to his Mexican fans during his stay in this country.

In a pleasant interlude talk, the fans guided him to articulate the phrase “¿que pedo guey?” which caused the scream of the young women who were delirious with the presence of Shawn Mendes who also knows how to speak French and English.