She told it all: Natalia Barulich assures that Maluma was "toxic" and "cold"

Maluma's ex, super model Natalia Baruclih, has revealed the details of the end of her relationship with the Colombian singer, whom she certainly did not leave very well.

Since Maluma and Natalia Barulich became boyfriends after meeting on the set of the "Happy the 4" video, their relationship seemed like a modern fairy tale.

During the two years that the relationship lasted, Natalia and Maluma were inseparable. Photos and videos came and went, and their social networks were full of demonstrations of love and romanticism by the couple.

Everything was perfect until suddenly last November, just as this courtship began abruptly ended without much explanation.

Natalia Barulich assures that Maluma was "toxic" and "cold"

Then, rumors began about Natalia's alleged infidelity with Maluma's friend and Brazilian professional soccer player, Neymar Jr., giving a bad public image.

Even a few weeks after the breakup, Maluma was asked about the reasons for ending the beautiful Natalia Barulich and he simply replied: "Ask her."

In fact, Maluma seemed so angry, that he deleted all the photos and videos from his social networks about Natalia, leaving only one, in which he congratulated her on her birthday.

Now, 7 months later, Natalia has decided to break the silence and explain why it was that she left Maluma, and it was not for another man.

Natalia Barulich assures that Maluma was "toxic" and "cold"

“It was a one-sided relationship, which means I was giving 100% and receiving 20%. I would say that some days I got more and that was what made me stay. He was warm, he was cold, I felt that I was living for my partner… ”, she whipped.

For Natalia Barulich the breakup was not easy, she assures that she had very strong emotional ups and downs after she left the handsome Maluma.

“There were days when I felt stronger than others, then I felt sad missing the relationship in some way, but the relationship for me was very toxic. I knew that I didn't really miss the relationship, I missed the idea that I had created in my mind, that it didn't really exist ”,she said.

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