She told it all: The Social Networks were guilty of Billie Eilish almost losing her life

American singer Billie Eilish has broken the silence about many aspects of her life, and the reason she nearly lost her life in 2018 was one of them.

Billie Eilish told it all in a recent interview that she has offered to the British media GQ, the young American singer has decided to be honest.

We have already told you why Billie Eilish had made the decision to dress in loose clothing and how she claims that she does not feel like a desired woman.

Billie Eilish

On other occasions, the California-born singer had already spoken of the sexualization of her figure as one of the negative aspects of her world fame.

But we've never known the real reason Billie Eilish nearly lost her life in a hotel in Berlin in 2018, and the reason is more impressive than you think.

It turns out that it was cruel comments on Twitter about her figure and dress that prompted the young woman, who was only 17 at the time, to try to jump off the roof of a hotel in the German capital.

"Oh God, it's amazing (...) I almost killed myself because of Twitter a couple of years ago- All I've ever wanted is to be on stage with the public supporting me," said Billie Eilish.

Billie Eilish recently released a controversial video through Instagram TV to demonstrate that she can be as woman as any other. In the video, you can see how she takes off various clothes until she is half-naked and plunges into a pool of chocolate-colored water, as a demonstration that her body shows it when and how she wants, and not by what the social networks dictate.

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