Show off beautiful, full lips without surgery

There are many women who like to wear thick lips. Here we bring you some tips that will be very helpful without having to go through the operating room. Take note.

The first thing you should do is exfoliate the lips every night, to do this, apply petroleum jelly to the lips, and rub with a toothbrush in circular movements. This will activate blood circulation and eliminate impurities.

Show off beautiful, full lips without surgery

You can also try doing exercises. Place your lips as if you were going to pronounce the 'U' and hold them in that position for 10 seconds. By doing two sets each day, little by little you will show more lip volume.

If you want a quick result, makeup will be your best ally. With an eyeliner the same shade as the lipstick you are going to use, contour the contour of the mouth. Then paint the lips with the chosen stick and with a clear lipstick you finish by painting in the center.

On the other hand, a very useful home remedy is to use cinnamon powder. Mix it with a little petroleum jelly and apply this ointment on your lips for about 10 minutes and remove with plenty of water.

Show off beautiful, full lips without surgery

We already know how important it is for women with thin lips to have certain tips to increase them, that's why we wrote this article. We hope it is useful for you.