Sony Joins "Blackout Tuesday" for Murder Against George Floyd

More and more celebrities and companies in the music industry are joining the mass movement protesting to end the murders against African-American people.

Sony CEO, Jon Platt,  has spoken out about the murder of African-American citizen, George Floyd, by a police officer in broad daylight.

Derek Chauvin and George Floyd

African American CEO

Platt, who is the only "black" CEO of a major company, expressed his point of view with an open letter. The perfect prelude  to "Black Music Month" and "Blackout Tuesday" featuring well-known music celebrities.

In his letter, Platt uses an appropriate term for what the "black people" is experiencing in the 21st century, “devaluation”.

“I am struggling to reconcile the conflicting realities of the universal appreciation of Black music and the devaluation of Black life, George Floyd’s videotaped killing being the latest of recurring tragic examples", he said.

Regarding this moment of outrage, the Sony CEO explains that due to the position he occupies and despite his "paralyzing pain", he had to stand up for being part of the community that is attacked, and what he intended to express it would surely become a widely heard message.

George Floyd 

"I am the only Black CEO of a global major music company.

So, to speak out on Mr. Floyd’s senseless murder is my obligation. Not to would be my irresponsibility. But figuring out what to say was a challenge. My own pain has been so paralyzing. For me, stating ‘I stand with the Black community’ would never be enough. But in due time, I found the words", continue the letter.

He also expressed that the music community must act consistently to achieve equality.

"As a music community, we are anchored at the heart of Black culture, and our industry has an unrivaled role and responsibility to help lead society out of crisis and onto the path of true justice and equality."

For this music professional, it is necessary that the actions correspond to what is reflected on paper so that the ideas of equality and tolerance do not disappear.

 “People see better than they hear.” Timely action must follow the industry’s lyrics. Otherwise, words are ultimately empty."

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