Strong statements: Look what they did to Shakira as a child

The beautiful Shakira stunned everyone, after giving a rather unexpected answer to a very common question. After this the short video was in everyone's memory and for this reason we will show you once again.

At 43 years old, the charming Shakira has managed to be everything that she has set out to do in life, from being a talented singer and dancer, to becoming a UNICEF ambassador, being an important businesswoman and producer, among many others.

Currently, she has two beautiful children who every day manage to attract the attention of her mother's fans thanks to their tenderness and beauty. Without a doubt, Milan and Sasha inherited the beauty and intelligence of their parents.

 The latter makes us wonder: “Did Shakira do the same to them as they did to her when she was a little girl?”, And by this we mean the fact that her mother applied baygon to her hair to be able to eliminate the lice.

During an interview, the beautiful pop music singer was asked if at any time in her life or childhood she had lice, to which she replies yes, and her mother made a rather drastic decision.

Shakira confessed that her mother had applied Baygon (insecticide to kill flies) on her hair, to kill the lice that our beloved singer had all over her hair. Terrible

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