Sweet Child O’Mine by Guns N ’Roses mutates to give life to picture book

The iconic band from the 80s and 90s comes with a new release and is not musical, but uses the name of one of their hits.

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The Hard Rock band that formed in Hollywood in 1985, went around the world with their outstanding looks and great performances, but above all with their music, which made more than one move their head to the beat of their tracks.

But now, after years without having a presence in the public arena, they come with a truly fantastic project. “Sweet Child O’Mine”, one of the songs that gave them the most fame and worldwide presence, becomes the title of an illustrated children's book.

The band's print originates from the eponymous song which, with the help of Jennifer Zivion in the illustrations and James Patterson in drafting the text, is born from the song's lyrics.

In a press release, the 73-year-old writer noted:

As a former Guns N ‘Roses fan, I am delighted to partner with the band to bring their famous and hit song to life. Sweet Child O’Mine is a story that I know children will love to read and that parents will love to sing. ”

The illustrator of this music-printed work inspired each drawing by Maya and Natalia Rose, who grew up with the band while touring with them.

One of the feelings that those involved with this work seek to highlight is love and the way in which it interweaves its entire network of empathy through music.

The lyrics of the song, written by vocalist Axl Roses, are inspired by his girlfriend and later wife Erin Everly.

The incredible thing about this song is that it was written and composed with riff, chords and other technicalities, in a few minutes, and it was all part of a joke among the members who never considered that it could have any real value among fans.

However, it was the third single from the album "Appetite for Destruction" and was the first single from the band to reach the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

The song initially had a duration of 5:56 but to make it more commercial it was cut without authorization from the band at 4:12, which meant that they removed almost in its entirety one of the most valuable parts, the Slash solo.

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