Take care of them: How to get kids used to wearing masks

Wearing a mask for adults can be an ordeal, so be patient and follow these tips so that children learn to wear it.

If we adults find it uncomfortable to use this protective barrier for children, it is sometimes an insufferable sacrifice. However, taking care of our lives and that of our little ones leaves no room for objection.

In order for children to get used to using the mask, we recommend the following:

1. Lead by example: the little ones will never make part of their routine the use of the mask if their parents and close adults do not use them too. In order for them to protect themselves, we must protect ourselves as well.

2.Practice at home: organizes days of using the mask inside the home, for both adults and children, and incorporates games and low-impact physical activities.

3.Inform them: Children should know the reason why it is so important to use the mask. Talk about the disease, its modes of spread and how to avoid it.

Take care of them: How to get kids used to wearing masks

4. Make it entertaining: Tell the children that we will be superheroes when wearing the mask because we will save our lives and that of others by wearing them. You can decorate the mask with stickers or children's motifs, only in the lateral areas, not in the mouth and nose area.

5.Incorporate the toys: together with the children, make masks to also “protect” their favorite toys, in order to make the process more playful.