Terrible! Samuel L Jackson sends a threatening message to all his fans. See why he did it!

The renowned actor has taken advantage of the collaboration with a children's artist to express an important and threatening message.

By  Right Now Newsroom

Jackson is one of the longest-serving African American actors. He has garnered a numerous list of successes with his blockbuster entries. His humor has always characterized him and positioned him as a charismatic artist.

During the Jimmy Kimmel Live program, Samuel appeared, from his house and surrounded by pictures that made reference to the films where he has participated, with a children's poetry book titled: "Go the fuck to Sleep" and took the opportunity to send a message to everyone.

The actor has expressed his displeasure towards those citizens who resist taking preventive measures in the face of the dangerous situation we are in. The book in question shows blasphemous and rude poems mixed with children's music.

Jokingly, the actor has said: “Technically I am not a doctor. But motherfuckers listen when I read a poem. So here I am, Sam Fucking Jackson, begging you: keep your butt at home. ”
The hilarious video joins the list of recordings that the artists have decided to publish to join the “Stay at home” campaign, which seeks to educate citizens about the dangers of going out and wandering around.

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