Terrifying! These Disney revelations will not let you sleep. How did they hide it?

Discover the various theories behind the films that marked the childhood of thousands of people

By  Right Now Newsroom

Disney is one of the most iconic film production companies of all time. Their stories have marked the childhood of thousands of people, but this article will show you some hidden theories behind their favorite stories.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan: This beautiful Disney movie shows a beautiful part of the plot, but one theory states that Peter Pan is an angel who takes children to rest in peace because they never grow old.

Up: This movie tells the story of Carl an old man who wants to reach the falls of paradise. A real theory suggests that he died and that the explorer Russell is a young Angel trying to win his wings and that's why he helps him.


Cars: This movie tells the story of a young racer who dreams of being the fastest car in racing, but one theory alleges that humans always live and stay inside cars. How crazy!

Aladdin: Known as one of the most distinctive Disney movies, many claim that Aladdin is a futuristic movie and this is due to the interpretation of the genius because theories claim that Jasmine is the queen of a post-apocalyptic world.

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