The 7 most beautiful weather girls in all of Latin America

The women who offer weather forecasting are the perfect television play to catch the audience

Media competition has forced TV newscasts to put formality aside. With the purpose of raising the rating, the attractive women who count the weather forecast are the perfect move to capture audience. Here we will tell you about the 7 most beautiful girls from the weather in Latin America.

1.- Yanet García: she was by far the queen of weather forecasting in the region. Until the beginning of 2020, this Mexican woman delighted those who tuned in to the Televisa news program, more to see her than to learn about the weather variations in Mexico.

2.- Maite Carranco: is the heir to the throne of Yanet García. Although the faithful to the previous reign do not admit it, they remain aware of the weather forecast in the voice and body of the attractive chestnut, who is also a singer and Youtuber.

3.- Sol Pérez: this stunning blonde from Argentina is perhaps the biggest reference on the subject in the extreme south of America. For a long time, she offered the weather to the grateful viewers of the Sportia program on TyC Sports. Now she is a theater actress.

4.- Jackie Guerrido: This Puerto Rican is the oldest of the group, with 47 years excellently well-behaved, and the most educated, since she studied meteorology and journalism in American universities. It offers the weather forecast in the First Impact program.

The 7 most beautiful weather girls in all of Latin America

5.- Daniela Servellón: she is the representative of Central America in this selection. It is not for nothing that she is considered the most prominent Honduran in the field, with plenty of physical attributes to offer weather predictions to viewers in her country.

6.- Susana Almeida: This other Mexican is part of our climate team thanks to her hard work on a canal in Guadalajara. Almeida also offers information on road traffic, which she is very good at, as she has been compared to the Kardashian sisters for her body shape.

7.- Irene del Río: This Spanish weather girl closes the list with honors. This is an experienced young journalist. She comments on the weather on Telemadrid and now she does on Catilla La Mancha TV. She has complained about the messages she receives on her social networks and the stereotypes suffered by her climatic colleagues.