The LGBTQ + community has always received endorsement from great music celebrities

Many are the stars who have spoken openly about the freedom to love who is loved regardless of the feeling itself.

Over the years, many singers have kept pace with the advances in rights of the LGBTQ + community and have promoted with their music the freedom to decide who is loved without any conditions.

Willie Colón spoke openly about the subject of his song "the Great Man"

An example of this is the video and song of the famous singer Gloria Trevi with the hit "Everyone looks at me", which tells a life of unhappiness that must be hidden to meet the requirements of society.

There is also the song that celebrates the reunion of the Venezuelan duo Chino y Nacho, which with the single "Rare" touch on the theme of love between people of the same gender, being evident in scenes from the video clip.

Resident did it with the single “Before the world ends”, a video that shows a large number of couples kissing, including Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef.

At the end of the 80s, Willi Colón did the same with the success of "the Great Man", a song that explains the transformation of a son who was not satisfied with his body and became a transvestite.

For their part, Alejandro Sanz and Camila Cabello createdMy Favorite Person”, which shows that you do not have to have the opposite gender to steal a person's heart.

Jesse & Joy kicked off "Pride Month" with their song "Love", whose purpose is to express that to love you don't need more than desire and that there are no stereotypes that can prevent that feeling from developing.

With information from Billboard.