The Luis Miguel scandals: Between drunkenness and anger attacks

The Mexican singer Luis Miguel, has starred in several scandalous episodes in his recent concerts that have left him exposed.

By  Right Now Newsroom

The Mexican singer Luis Miguel, has starred in several scandalous episodes in his recent concerts that have left him exposed to public opinion, who longs for the adorable boy with the golden hair and a frank smile.

The most recurrent have undoubtedly been his alleged drunkenness on stage, which make him lose track of the lyrics of his songs. On several occasions we have seen him try to hum songs that he has more than 20 years singing or dancing without rhythm and without coordination on stage.

Even these episodes of drunkenness have made concert goers stand in long lines to demand the return of their ticket money, accusing the idol of the romantic ballad as "fraud". Also, on many occasions, his shows start several hours late or he retired before the schedule, which, of course, has also upset his fans.

But Luismi, also known as "The Sun of Mexico", is also known for reacting with a little violence when something bothers him. Everyone remembers how he answered a question from a journalist, who reminded him that he really is not Mexican, but Puerto Rican.

But these are not the only scandals of Luis Miguel in his 49 years of life. Apparently to the interpreter of "The unconditional", he is a party lover a little risque and with abuse of some narcotics.

At least this was reported by the Argentine channel América TV in March 2019, which assure that during his visit to Buenos Aires, Luis Miguel held parties at the hotel where he stayed with up to 15 people, between women and men.

According to this channel, in room 715 of the hotel where he stayed, some dirty clothes and water were found everywhere, leaving the area flooded. According to the journalists of this medium, even Luis Miguel had a previous heart attack for the alleged abuse of substances and alcohol.

And in his life as a couple, apparently Luis Miguel has also gone overboard. He did not know his first-born daughter, Michelle Salas, the daughter he had with Stephanie Salas, at first, although he later amended the error.

And with his ex, Aracely Arámbula, he also had problems when he refused to pay the partnership of Daniel and Miguel, the children he had with the actress.

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