The Mexico earthquake live: This is how the earthquake was recorded in the Televisa transmission

Televisa did not stop its broadcasts during the earthquake and its live signal constitutes an interesting record of how Mexicans experienced the phenomenon

This Tuesday the Mexican capital was shaken by an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 originating in the southeast of the country, which left at least five dead and 30 wounded.

The National Seismological Service of the Aztec country reported that the tremor occurred at 10:29 local time and had its epicenter 23 km southeast of Crucecita, a town on the coast of the state of Oaxaca.

As a result of the episode, at least four men and a woman died in different municipalities of the Federal District, due to collapses and roof falls.

The main Mexican television channel, the giant Televisa, did not stop broadcasting during the episode and its live signal constitutes an interesting record of how Mexicans, accustomed to these episodes, experienced the phenomenon.

At the time of the earthquake, Televisa was broadcasting the morning program "Hoy" live, where they offered cooking lessons, when the newscasters and the cook himself were surprised by the alarm that usually precedes the earthquake.

Since the powerful earthquake of 1985, which left thousands dead in Mexico City, the Aztec capital has had a sophisticated seismological early warning system, which is activated up to a minute before the first telluric movements are felt.

For the earthquake on Tuesday, 97.5% of the alarms were activated up to 62 seconds before the first seismic waves reached the city.

In the Televisa live broadcast, the host of Hoy, Galilea Montijo, maintains her composure and calls for calm as soon as she hears the alarm. The television staff immediately left the studios calmly, while maintaining the thread of the transmission.