‘The Most Beautiful Man in the World’: Find out how People magazine did to choose this year's winner

How many times have we not heard: 'beauty is relative'? Well, that's the way it is, but in the world of cinema that may not be entirely true.

Every year People magazine publishes an issue with the name vivo Sexiest Living Man in the World ’, which is fought by many of the world's male stars in Hollywood. Every year the most handsome man is chosen by a group of editors of this magazine.

However, this year was the exception to the rule. This time he was chosen by a group of qualified scientists, the world-renowned protagonist of the 'Twilight' saga Robert Pattinson.

The talented British man who is currently in charge of giving life to Batman in the last installment of the film, was selected this year as the sexiest living man, all thanks to facial mapping, an ancient Chinese technique that serves to identify and value the skin.

The head of the study was Julian De Silva, director of the Center for Advanced Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in London, established that the Brit is perfect not only for the features of his eyes, chin, forehead and nose width, but also for a 92, 15% on the famous Greek Gold Number scale (phi beauty scale), which is a rule related to beauty and mathematics, which seek perfection.

This list of the most handsome has been George Clooney who was last year's winner, David Beckham, Brad Pitt. In this last edition in second place was Henry Cavill with 91.64% and actor Bradley Cooper in third place with 91.08%.

Likewise, Dr. De Silva told the British newspaper The Sun, "Robert Pattinson was the clear winner when all the elements of the face were measured in search of perfection on a physical level".

He concluded with, “He was in the top five in almost every category because he has classic styling features and a fantastically chiseled chin. His only score below perfection was his lips because they are a little thin and flat ”.