The best tip to keep milk in the fridge longer

Would you like to know how long the milk lasts in the fridge once you open it? Most people usually store milk containers on the refrigerator door, simply to save space.

Reasons why milk is damaged once its container is opened

How many of us have happened that we have taken the milk out of the fridge to pour ourselves a glass of milk and we see that it is bad or cut? Yes, that usually happens, since the milk containers come with an expiration date and a recommended time to keep the milk in the fridge.

The best tip to keep milk in the fridge longer

If it has already been uncovered, it is usually recommended that it not exceed 3 days stored in refrigeration. Here are some factors for this liquid to last a little longer.

Depending on the preparation process, fresh milk can be kept

The milk is subjected to different heat processes before being distributed in the market to guarantee both its conservation and the healthiness of the milk. Taking into account the elaboration applied to it, the duration of the milk in the fridge may also vary.

Pasteurized milk

The process of this type of milk is at 80ºC for 15 minutes in order to eliminate the microorganisms it contains, which is why it is recommended that it be kept stored in the fridge, once it is poured for a maximum of 3 days.

The best tip to keep milk in the fridge longer

Sterilized milk

For this type of case, the processing of this milk has been more intense, under a temperature of 20ºC for 20 seconds, so it can remain refrigerated for up to 6 days, regardless of whether it is open.

Evaporated milk

It is another type of dehydrated milk that can remain intact for up to 3 or 4 days once it is opened.

Depending on the packaging, open milk can be kept in the fridge

Another reason that the milk is not damaged once it is opened is the packaging in which the milk is sold. The objective of the packages is to guarantee a correct conservation of the milk from its packaging to its use, that is why they usually protect the milk from exposure to air and sun.

The best tip to keep milk in the fridge longer

The correct thing is that the containers are kept in the lower or middle part of the refrigerator, just where it coldest. Another option would be to place the milk on top of the vegetable drawer.