The day Megan Fox compared Michael Bay to Hitler

Old sayings of actress Megan Fox against the director of the "Transformers" film saga earned her participation in the third installment. In the last hours, the debate on social networks resurfaced, with fans who supported the actions of the celebrity. Look at the details.

Actress Megan Fox had her breakthrough after starring in the 2007 sci-fi movie Transformers. Unfortunately, while it placed her at a high level of stardom in the world of Hollywood, this did not last. a lot for the beautiful American.

The sci-fi action movie franchise never called her back for its third installment. This was due to an old interview that Megan Fox gave on television, where she compared the director of the film, Michael Bay, as the dictator of Germany, Adolf Hitler.

Director Michael Bay and actress Megan Fox

For this situation, the producer of the film, Steven Spielberg, fired Megan, but Steven eliminated all the reports in an interview with a famous magazine in 2011. Despite the passage of time, the controversy did not stop there and in the last hours , a Twitter user took up the conflict that left Megan Fox out of the third "Transformers" movie.

The netizen shared a clip from Megan Fox's 2009 interview during the promo for "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen". This led the Twitter community, especially fans of the actress, to believe that Michael was wrong before Megan publicly called him Hitler.

"2009 clip where Megan Fox tells a story about Michael Bay sexualizing her at age 15; the crowd laughs and Kimmel makes rude jokes; teen girls who are attacked by older men have never been taken seriously and still aren't" ,wrote the Twitter user under the video snippet.

Before "Transformers" , Megan Fox also worked with Michael Bay for the first time in 2003's Bad Boys II, at just 15 years old, where she was asked to dance under a waterfall in a bathing suit. Later, the American confessed that when she went to director Michael's house to audition for "Transformers," he made her wash her Ferrari while filming it.

Megan Fox accused Michael Bay of sexualizing her at just 15 years old.

He also revealed that when he faced Michael in much the same way, he said embarrassedly that he didn't know where the recording was. Still, support remains merely for actress Megan Fox. On Twitter, it's already trending and message threads keep coming.

Another netizen wrote: "Megan Fox was sexualized from the age of 15 when Michael Bay made her dance in a bikini and wash her car as part of her audition for Transformers. When she spoke, she was labeled 'ungrateful' by the media and her career was destroyed. by Bay and Steven Spielberg".

"Megan Fox was the victim of an industry that took advantage and forced an image and a narrative about her, and when she tried to defend herself, she sentenced her to oblivion. The media were complicit and the general public just watched," added another. 

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