The effect that Robert Pattinson had on this "Eclipse" actress

Robert Pattinson's participation in Twilight cemented his fame and left not only many fans, but several castmates in love.

The English actor Robert Pattinson has created a huge expectation about his role in the movie The Batman, in which he will play the Dark Knight and whose release is scheduled for October 2021.

Robert Pattinson's expectations for acting work are underpinned by his excellent work in previous roles, such as the one he performed in the 2019 film, The Lighthouse or in the Twilight saga.

Robert Pattinson's participation in that last series of films cemented his fame and prestige and left not only many fans in love, but several castmates, who fell surrendered to the charms of the seductive vampire.

Bryce Dallas Howard

Actress Bryce Dallas Howard, the co-star of Robert Pattinson's on the Eclipse, recently confessed to being in love with the actor, even when they were filming partners. She got to write on her face for years, thanks to a notepad with her face.

Bryce Dallas Howard said that her husband became jealous of her platonic love, because every time she saw him on screen she accidentally squeezed his hand. However, the attraction did not go further and the actress got an excellent impression from her partner, Robert Pattinson, who has the best opinion.