The love break that helped Danna Paola become Lucrecia in "Elite"

For weeks, Danna Paola has been in the news and not precisely for her work. After the breakup of Sebastián Yatra and Tini Stoessel, her name appeared on all media and social networks. Now even more: see how she managed to incarnate Lucrecia in Elite.

Danna Paola does not stop being the focus of attention. In principle, for its role in the Elite series; and now for being the alleged "third in discord" between ex-boyfriends Sebastián Yatra and Tini Stoessel, although it was flatly denied by the Mexican actress.

Undoubtedly, the star, who has worked on television from a very young age, is in the news every day. Between her beauty and her talent, fans don't know what to keep.

Danna Paola, the young star of Mexico

Although there are many fictions in his acting career, one of the most recent is the applauded Netflix strip "Elite". The end of the third season made the fans cry, especially considering that Danna Paola's character, Lucrecia, will not return to the prestigious Las Encinas school and her personality ended up being loved by the public.

Although at first it did not go over well as being "the bad guy", her performance won over millions who saw her evolve from being that typical charismatic villain to being an antihero. The Mexican took stock during an interview with GQ Mexico of what it was like to create a character.

Danna Paola was Lucrecia during the first three seasons of "Elite"

"When I was building Lucrecia, I was very afraid of the Mexican soap opera cliche I grew up with," she began explaining. According to Danna, the biggest challenge she faced was how to play a character who was different: "Someone who doesn't like, but also likes at the same time."

According to the artist, she was inspired by her own personal experiences: "The feelings are super important. They have hurt me a lot and they have broken my heart, I made a lot of breastplates and that's when I said to myself: 'There is the way out '".

Danna Paola and Sebastián Yatra

For the actress, that sad and painful moment in her life influenced when composing her character as Lucrecia. As revealed in the magazine, she had lived a very intense relationship and the role came into her life just at the perfect moment.

Luckily, the Mexican was able to play it and it was very gratifying for her to be able to create "all the emotional range" that fiction needed. She has assured that she is very proud and happy with the result since part of the process was to show very intense feelings in front of the cameras.