The queen of reggaeton and space: NASA invites Karol G to travel to the moon in 2024

Karol G is likely to be the guest of honor on an expedition scheduled for 2024

In a world full of gender prejudices and privileged towards men as the majority representative of power, several women throughout history have broken through and generated changes within this pattern. Within that select group, the first woman to travel to space was the Russian astronaut Valentina Tereshkova, in the summer of 1963.

Today, the first woman to have a VIP pass as a visitor to a lunar launch is the star Karol G, who could have the privilege of becoming the first lady to set foot on the Moon in the next 4 years, within the framework of the project Artemis from the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The first contact was via twitter, in response to an excerpt from the Colombian singer's song 'Ocean' :  "If one day you leave home, I will get to NASA, ask for a rocket and I'm going straight for you ”, in which she mentions the official account of the agency. 

Karol G: "To infinity and beyond"

Soon, the Administration replied with a tweet to the reggaeton singer: Do you say you want a rocket? Our account in Spanish can offer you more information about the rocket that we are building and that will send the first woman and the next man to the Moon in 2024 ”.

Surprising answer, that do not end there. Karol G, the current girlfriend of the ragpicker Anuel AA,  gratefully replied : “Hey! NASA, thanks for joining the Artemis generation, now yes, to infinity and beyond! ”, in capital leters and with various rocket smileys.

Karol G at NASA headquarters

The artist was subsequently invited to the agency's headquarters in Washington. In videos that the artist uploaded to Instagram, she was happy to meet the 'Orion' spacecraft in which NASA is working to bring the first woman to the "white star".

It is known that it will be a commercial manned flight, along with other private agencies such as SpaceX, of which the average cost of the passage is still unknown. Several followers already share the intrigue and fear that accompanies Karol G's emotion: "I wouldn't go! What a fear!"


The additional funds (1.6 billion) for the trip to the southern cone of the Moon in 2024, were requested from the North American Congress by NASA in early 2020, which it hopes will be approved to continue with the dream of this amazing trip.

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