The story continues: They keep looking for Luis Miguel's mother in Argentina

From his Argentina, the journalist Luis Ventura assures that the singer's mother is still alive, and wants to reveal the truth behind the mystery of her disappearance.

At 50, Luis Miguel already has a biographical series in the running of his second season, and he never tires of generating news around his life and music. In the case of his beloved mother, Marcela Basteri, the question seems to be heading for a conclusive result.

Luis Miguel and Marcela Basteri

Despite the threats, the Argentine journalist and television host, Luis Ventura delves further into this famous case, which he claims to have audiovisual material that proves his hypothesis that Luis Miguel's beloved mother is alive and does so in Argentina, the last country. who was seen before he disappeared in 1985.

Miguel Aldana is a former minister of Interpol Mexico and spoke at Ventura's request in his program ‘Secretos Verdaderos ‘, where he offered his own hypothesis:“ I think (Luis Miguel) preferred not to look for her. Maybe they are still in communication and you know. I have found out there that it seems so, that they have already had a relationship and have already lived together ”.

Marcela Basteri

If so, Ventura's statements in recent weeks would be true and one could understand the concern of the TV host who has reported threats from various individuals and "even countries" that have pressured him not to disclose anything. Ventura has already sought official help.

In another program where he is a co-partner with Alejandro Fantino in the show that bears his name, he took advantage of the invitation to the Minister of Security of Buenos Aires, Sergio Berni, who already knew Ventura's theory and was asked about it without obtaining further details or answers. .

Clearly, the case of Marcela Basteri and Luis Miguel has deep roots and seems to have a framework that makes the discovery of the truth so hermetic.

It is precisely from the search for Marcela Basteri that the biography of the eternal Luis Miguel on Netflix is based largely on a dramatic cut, which will resume with its second  season for the year 2021 according to its producer, Natalia Beristáin.