The true author of the portrait of Rose in the famous movie 'Titanic' was revealed

More than 20 years after the premiere of the famous movie 'Titanic', just a few hours ago it was revealed who was the author of the portrait of Rose, a character played by Kate Winslet and made (in the film) by Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio). Look at the details.

After more than 20 years of the Titanic premiere, a crucial detail was revealed this week: Who really drew Rose for the romantic scene between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCarpio?

The portrait of Rose, a character played by Winsley, and drawn by Jack (DiCaprio) in the movie, has always been one of the most intimate moments of the film and loved by the fans of 'Titanic', and just now, it was released who was its creator.

The true author of the portrait of Rose in the famous movie 'Titanic' was revealed

While it would have been lovely if Leonardo DiCaprio was the one who drew Kate Winslet on this canvas, sadly it was another member of the team - nothing more and nothing better than the film's own director, James Cameron.

Cameron wanted to demonstrate his talent as a producer and screenwriter throughout his career, but also as an excellent cartoonist. So he was the one who took the charcoal pencil and portrayed the actress. In addition, he is the author of the other sketches of Jack's album.

Titanic director James Cameron drew Kate Winslet for the film.

To recall this extraordinary moment of 'Titanic' a bit, let's mentally recall the scene: Rose asks Jack to draw her in his cabin "like one of his French girls", whose words were unforgettable for fans of the film.

In 1997, the year the film was released, the scene and the intervention of the actress was a real shock. She dared to pose completely naked, wearing a unique accessory on her neck: the Heart of the Sea necklace, which would later become a piece fundamental in the plot.

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Titanic'.

The only downside was that the actor is right-handed and James Cameron left-handed, so they had to invert the scenes in the editing room to give the feeling that it is the protagonist's hand that creates the artwork.

The result was so good that in 2011 they decided to auction off Cameron's work as a film heirloom and it was purchased by a movie buff for $ 16,000.

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