The true emotional bond between Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gomez is revealed

Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gómez met at the Women in Film Crystal and Lucy Awards 2009. However, the singer's nerves did not allow her to socialize with the actress at the time.

Love breaks make you vulnerable, and when you go through these situations we always look for a friend with whom to share. This is why Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gomez are very good friends.

Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gómez

The bond between the two grew after their failed high-profile relationships, Selena with singer Justin Bieber and Jennifer in their most known and media relationship with actor Brad Pitt.

Aniston and Gómez starred in very controversial romances and that made them come even closer, broken hearts that were strengthened with a beautiful friendship, now visit each other in their respective residences to share together.

Jennifer always remembers Selena as a very sweet girl and a true fan of her work as an actress, and it seems that they both love pizza and have made it at Jen's house.

Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gómez

It goes without saying that Aniston loves Selena as if she were a daughter, cares for her, advises her and in an interview she recognized him.